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We received an anonymous tip earlier in the month that led us to catch a prolific shoplifter in our store - we would like to Thank that person for helping us protect our store. Thefts put a big strain on any business, especially local family business such as ours.
We ask any customers or members of the public to come forward if they see anything suspicious in our stores so we can act to prevent thefts, your identity will always remain confidential. Once again thank you to the anonymous tipper - without you we may have never known.
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Here at Brambledown Farm Shop we pride ourselves in offering the freshest local fruit, salad and vegetables sourced from growers throughout Kent. Working closely with generations of farmers and growers we have built up a rapport and working partnership that ensures what we offer is what you expect from a long established Farm Shop.
To compliment this, through the night our vehicles are in New Spitalfields Market working closely with foreign importers and suppliers of finest Class 1 produce from around the world to ensure that every day we have a vast range of personally hand selected produce for our customers.  
Alongside the fresh produce we supply a comprehensive range of Horse, Pet & Animal Feeds and Bedding, home fuels, and much more.
We also host other local businesses such as Leysdown Bakery, Danton Meats, Shiny Hand Car Wash, The Fish Bar and Ella's Snack Bar which all offer top quality and competitively priced produce and service.

Brambledown Farm Shop has much more to offer than we can fit onto a website, so why not pay us a visit?

Brambledown Farm Shop is a Trading name of Brambledown (Kent) Ltd

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